I Create Ripples

In The SpaceTime Continuum

That Alter Future Realities In The

3rd Dimension. 



Light Warrior Princess is currently in the process of writing the 1st of several books.


She is working on translating "The Thrive 2 movie" & the documentary "Time of the Sixth Sun" from English. 


She is conducting several workshops, speaking at several events, and leading 11:11 White Ceremonies Guided Meditations in-person & online all over the world.

"I learned 3 languages fluently only to learn that words are overrated..."


The Light Warrior Princess will have a captivating effect on you.

If not her charismatic presence then, her resonance, her intellect, her humor, or perhaps the topics of her stories and/or definitely her sincerity will be the reason. 

As a Light-Warrior Princess don't expect her topics to be anything but to be straight to the point and nothing but the truth.



As the Light Warrior Princess Ambassador there is 1 topic upon this planet that has

deep rooted effects on all other issues.

I have the upmost urgency to address the issue for without it, ascension of individuals

and/or the whole planet will and shall remain a lie repeated on the tongues of

the great ape-man & woman within their spoken words.

Presence & Absence of Divine Feminine

It's causes & effects

* on every day life on planet Earth

*what it means for the future


What is Divine Feminine? What does it do? Why is it that important to have it?

How does it work? How do I know? What can I do?

Brake down of the topic:


Absence of Divine Feminine

Distorted, manipulated, misrepresented idea of what the Divine Feminine is the FOUNDATION

of many issues today humanity is dealing with on a GLOBAL SCALE. Such as :


- How world population increase without conscious reproduction by earth-females aiding, embedding

and adding fuel to the dark forces agenda to continue their enslavement of the planet.

          - Why, not every woman IS to give necessarily birth to become a mother in her own inner image?

          - Why reproduction of human beings is NOT only ones "own" business. Why it is a global consciousness matter.

          - Global unconscious population growth is grounds for stolen children world-wide never to be seen again.


     - Sincere lack of education of young children to self observe, to learn, to know their own bodies even

basic functions, "it's" likes & don't likes, their skills, abilities is NOT first responsibility and top priority

for them to become all they are to become.

- Parents and adults in charge of raising young ones are NOT observing the social interactions of children

among themselves in order to recognize "natural born leaders" to be groomed to lead.

     - World wide resources funneling through hands purely for profit, causing shortages & uneven distribution.

     - Why females of advanced civilizations think "LESS" of Earth Mothers

     - Why advanced extraterrestrials and/or alien races DO NOT & SHALL NOT be allowed to interact with

advanced civilizations.

     - Why the 'great-ape kind' will and shall NOT be allowed to occupy other planets.

- Why alien abductors see FULL RIGHT in themselves to treat abductees as lab rats.



Daily Ongoing  Events


















11:11 White Ceremonies

Daily @ 11AM & 11PM

Local time wherever you are...

No preparation necessary to participate...

Why white?

White because it is the color that contains all colors in the color spectrum.

So, imagining a bright white color as an all inclusive symbol of our

unconditional love.


Why 11:11?

11:11 is chosen for this event because so many people, at the beginning of

their awakening state are drawn to see this number all the time and

pretty much everywhere. And that exactly what happened to me.

Reading it front and backwards has a harmony and symmetry to it.

But, the key factor to choose this number, was a strong & powerful energy surge

I felt going upwards through my body, while meditating one evening

by the Pacific Ocean.

In fact it was so strong I thought to myself that it was an earthquake.

But, it was not an earthquake.

I opened my eyes and I saw the time:



Benefits of daily

Consciousness Connection


We all are busy. Chasing money to provide for our living on this planet, dropping our kids to school or practices, running to grocery stores, dealing with broken AC when the weather is hot, calling tow truck because there is a nail in the tire... ect ect ect

But we are the Star'Seeds... still!

And this is what we can do without disrupting the flow of our daily life.

We can take 1 minute. And within that minute we can do so many things.

We can connect our consciousness!

With this particular formula is brought forth to accomplish:

1 ) By repeating this 1 minute meditation on a daily basis we will not only change our own behavioral pattern but, also the "collective consciousness" of the entire planet.

As we remember and choose to connect to each other, knowing there are others with us, we will develop a field of behavioral changes in the collective consciousness.

And the more we develop it "in our bodies" the more stronger our resonance field will become as consciousness is ONE everywhere.

2 ) It will strengthen our own bodies immune system. This 1 minute connection is so powerful enough to heighten the immune system in our mouths for the next 6 hours.


What is the point?



is the point! When all others are second guessing themselves and their mission of coming to earth after seeing what humanity is and does...

I know exactly what you mean as well as your feelings about it.

Here let me explain to you plain and simple:


I am

The Light Warrior Princess!

And of royalty on top. Royalty, not because of some given, sold or stolen

kind of  "title" but, by the kind that you are born with in your blood!

Even the water in my veins are the kind that ANY and ALL people

of this earth can receive from me!

Meaning in the spirit & in the earth body I am here to give, to help,

to provide, to guide!

When all other light goes out, I AM here to keep the candlelight lit, so that within that darkness all others can find their way to the light of all lights...

Because I am the master of myself! I know where I come from, I know where I have been, I know who I am, I am clear on my missions path, I know my commitment to myself I made, before I came here!

What does that even mean?


As a Star'Seed once you pass the awakening protocol, process in this life upon earth planet as many of us do, you might get the feeling of "isolation" that is on another level. You recover your memories of lives lived on planets with or as advanced beings. And with time you remember more and more how life was lived there, social structures and how the reproduction was in fact in harmony on the entire planet!

And then you wake up each day to the system on planet earth, and you see what humanity is and does!

That's when issues with depression, drug or alcohol may take its toll on us.

We become much better masters working through those in order to find the balance between what we know which is "above" and what we deal with right here "below".



Protocol of Daily 11:11 Conscious Connection?


1 ) Breathing in and out from a safe place we can think/imagine

2 ) Focusing on your heart center by placing your hand/s on your heart.

3 ) "Feeling" the feelings of: Appreciation - Gratitude - Care & Love

4 ) Being the "Source of Unconditional Love" by repeating OUT-LAUD:

"The source of unconditional love,

this universe feels for itself,

is right beneath my feet,

where this heart stands"




























We imagine the unconditional love we emitting from our hearts center in a double toroidal fashion.

Upcoming  Events

Ascension Summit '21

Light Worker Family Reunion

Hotel Elegante Conference Center Colorado Springs, CO

AUGUST 12 - 15, 2021

Thursday - Sunday 


Mt. Shasta Summer Conference

Hierarchy of Light-Come Together

Mount Shasta, CA

AUGUST 26 - 29, 2021

Thursday - Sunday 

Vendor info: Robert (Rob) Potter (530) 925-3502

Email: ThePromiseRevealed@gmail.com







Serpent Mound Star Knowledge

The Eagle & Condor Peace Summit

33200 State Route 41 Peebles, OH 45660

SEPTEMBER 24 - 26, 2021

Friday - Sunday / 8AM - 3PM




Global Synchronized CONNECTION

& Guided Meditation

San Jose, CA

NOVEMBER 11, 2021 @ 11AM & 11PM

(Pacific Time - Los Angeles Time)

The event is in person event and will be live streamed from location.

Star-Seeds; take the lead to arrange a gathering

of any size, in your own local area of your own choosing.

We can integrate your gatherings life stream, into the event to share it.

Calling on all Star Seeds who have volunteered to earth!


Let this be the event to enter history,

executed by the Star Seeds of this planet!

Let them remember the Star Seed heroes, FOREVER!

​​​​​We, are the Star-Seeds with memories of past lives lived as individuals

on planets with advanced civilizations.

*Many of you are living on planet earth with the feelings that you do not belong here.

* Many of you are saying this is the last time you are "incarnating onto planet Earth".

* Many of you are wondering what exactly your mission supposed to be

that is "way bigger than you"

*Many of you are looking at the humanity and telling yourself that you are

not "one of them" as your REAL values can not be measured with

the monetary system of this planet which enslaves them all to lower frequencies.


* You always question yourself what you can do in your lifetime before leaving this place,

to make it way better than you found it!




As members of a global community of Light Workers, we are the ones who

volunteered to come down here.


So we have "the right to our voice" as equals as everyone else who are born into this world. We are the ones who lived through the "amnesia" of who we all really are.

We have regained our memories of our spirits which is not stored in our brains

but in our hearts resonance!


Therefore we are the ones who live in the knowing of what it is like to

communicate and to connect through the elements of the ether, with each other.


We are the ones who can choose to bring this knowledge we have while

we were "above" down "below" into our consciousness of our bodies

that walk on the surface of earth.


We are the ones who need to show by example, the path of what it is like

to connect to each other



As we come together and connect our consciousness while letting our hearts

emotion elevate to the memories of our past lives, we will effect the

"collective consciousness" of this planet.

As we allow our feelings to take over of memories lived in bliss states while

we were on our own home planets, we will let our brains see the picture

painted by our hearts in clearly upmost detail and clarity.

We will allow ourselves envision walking upon planet earth among the human race

that is so noble, appreciative, compassionate, wise, full of care and gratitude.

We will allow ourselves to FEEL THE FEELINGS of what it is to be born and

to live a life among a WHOLE, PEACEFUL & UNIFIED HUMAN RACE.

What a blissful experience it is TO TAKE DEEP BREATH,

on this planet such as this one and

what a great life experience it is to live among such amazing beings.

* There are no orphans on this planet, because each females are the

embodiment of the Divine Feminine itself! They do not procreate

for as long as there is an orphaned child out there!

* Procreation is done with the highest consciousness because each child is

a valued member of the entire planets community.

* Resources of the planet belong to everyone equally therefore resources

are carefully & respectfully extracted for the benefit of all.

* There are no borders! Children are free to roam wherever and

whenever their intuition guides them to go.

* There is no policing because there is no crime!

* There are no governments!

* There is no such thing as money or profit!

* Each global member is self controlling because children are brought up

with high self awareness.

* All advancement in any field of science is only and only to benefit all.

There is only a feeling of BLISSFULNESS to feel

upon this planet & in this life!


California local date/times: Nov 11, 2021 @11AM morning & same date @11PM evening


Canada, Alberta-Calgary: 11 November 2021 @ 12 noon & 12 November 2021 @ 12 midnight

Uruguay, Montevideo: 11 November 2021 @ 16:00 afternoon & 12 November 2021 @ 04:00 morning

Canada, Nova Scotia-Halifax: 11 November 2021 @ 3PM & 12 November 2021 @ 3AM

England,London:  11 November 2021 @ 19:00 evening  &  12 November 2021  @ 07:00 morning

Germany, Berlin: 11 November 2021 @ 20:00 evening & 12 November 2021 @ 08:00 morning

Austria, Vienna: 11 November 2021 @ 20:00 evening & 12 November 2021 @ 08:00 morning

Cameroon, Yaounde: 11 November 2021 @ 20:00 evening @ 12 November 2021 @ 08:00 morning

Congo D.R., Lubumbashi: 11 November 2021 @ 21:00 evening & 12 November 2021 @ 09:00 morning

Botswana, Gaborone: 11 November 2021 @ 21:00 evening & 12 November 2021 @ 09:00 morning

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa: 11 November 2021 @ 22:00 evening & 12 November 2021 @ 10:00 morning

​​Turkey, Ankara: 11 November 2021 @ 22:00 evening & 12 November 2021 @ 10:00 morning

Belarus, Minsk: 11 November 2021 @ 22:00 evening @ 12 November 2021 @ 10:00 morning

Egypt, Cairo:  11 November 2021 @ 23:00 evening  & 12 November 2021 @ 09:00 morning

Afghanistan, Kabul: 11 November 2021 @ 23:30 evening & 12 November 2021 @ 11:30 morning


Bhutan, Thimphu: 12 November 2021 @ 01:00 morning & 12 November 2021 @ 13:00 afternoon

Bangladesh, Dhaka: 12 November 2021 @ 01:00 morning & 12 November 2021 @ 13:00 afternoon

Cambodia, Phnom Penh: 12 November 2021 @ 02:00 morning & 12 November 2021 @ 14:00 afternoon

Japan, Tokyo: 12 November 2021 @ 04:00 morning & 12 November 2021 @ 16:00 afternoon

Australia, Melbourne: 12 November 2021 @ 06:00 morning & 12 November 2021 @ 18:00 evening

Australia, Hobart: 12 November 2021 @ 06:00 morning & 12 November 2021 @ 18:00 evening



2022 Events

Lucidity Festival 2022

Regeneration Earth

Live Oak Campground, Santa Barbara, CA

APRIL 8 - 10, 2022

Friday - Sunday

Info: info@LucidityFestival.com


Past Events





Spiritual Holistic Fair

1955 Parkside Dr. Concord, CA

JUNE 26, 2021 Saturday 

11AM - 4PM

Event by Sacred Space

Vendor info: Angel Erika: (925) 385-6799


Soulful Living Arts Fair

​Community of Infinite Spirit

1540 Hicks Ave. San Jose, CA

SEPTEMBER 28 - 29, 2019 

Saturday - Sunday

Holistic & Loving Arts Fair

​Our Sacred Space Wellness Center

2075 Lincoln Ave. San Jose, CA

JUNE 8, 2019 Saturday 11AM - 4PM

Vendor info: Adriane Gil (408) 841-2297